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5 Common Pests You’ll Deal with in the Food Business

Pests are a constant threat to food businesses, bringing a slew of problems, including food-borne illness, food waste, health and safety violations and hefty fines. A pest infestation could hurt a business’s reputation and its bottom line. That’s why cleaning, sanitation and safety should be cornerstones of food businesses.

If you believe your business has a pest problem, it may be best to employ the services of a pest control company to take care of the problem efficiently. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know about the pests you’ll be facing:

1. Flies

Flies breed on food waste, which they carry to other facility areas. Flies are often associated with food because they are attracted to odours and the sweet and sticky remains left behind after food is consumed. They are attracted to and lay eggs in food, prep areas, and your garbage. They can also transmit pathogens that cause food-borne illnesses, a considerable concern for a food business.

2. Rats

Rats harbour pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella, which can contaminate food products and make people sick. When rats and mice invade a restaurant, it’s a major problem for your facilities and the health of your guests and employees. Rats are attracted to garbage and food and will contaminate food through chewing, urinating, and defecating, all while remaining unseen.

3. Roaches

Roaches live and breed in cracks and crevices and in food preparation areas where they eat food waste and contaminate food products. They contaminate food by leaving behind seepage and droppings and eating behind appliances and cracks and crevices. Plus, roaches produce an unpleasant odour and can trigger an asthma attack in sensitive individuals. They can also survive for almost a week without food.

4. Ants

Ants may not be as severe as some of the other pests on this list, but their alarming numbers can lead to a difficult problem to correct. Ants, though small, can build a colony of thousands. They are attracted to the sweet, sticky berry residue and syrup left from the drippings of soft drink dispensers.

Ant colonies devour greases and sugar from other sources, such as grains, pet food and cheese. Ant nests are typically found in the walls of a building, and the ants will then travel to other areas like kitchen and kitchen cabinets, where they contaminate food and spread disease.

5. Birds

Birds can spread disease to food and food products stored outside, which is an issue, especially when your restaurant has alfresco dining. They are also known to contaminate food items with their poop and droppings as they fly over and perch on them. When these birds are inside, they will often nest in the walls, on rafters and in false ceilings.


When you own a food business, you must protect your food products from contamination. You and your team members are responsible for ensuring your food and kitchen are safe from pests, rodents and other contaminants. You must optimise and maintain your facilities so that the food you serve is safe and your restaurant remains a safe place for customers and employees alike.

Keep your food, customers and employees safe from pests by hiring quality pest control on the Sunshine Coast. Our experienced team knows how to handle these situations safely for everyone involved. Schedule an appointment, and have your restaurant inspected as soon as possible!