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What to Know About Termite Infestation in Australian Homes

Understandably, many homeowners are terrified of discovering a termite infestation in their homes. And in Australia, this may be more common than you think–with termites infesting approximately 20% of Australian homes. Termites are a danger to any type of property, residential or commercial. Thus, termite infestation should be carefully monitored and treated before getting out of hand.

Read on to discover what to know about termite infestation in Australian homes.

Termite: The Attracting Factors 

While termites and their colonies are a natural part of any ecosystem, they have no place in our homes. Termites can also devastate a home’s roof timbers in about three months. 

Termite structural damage can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. Termites can cause more damage to a home than floods, storms, or even fires. 

  • Consistent Food Availability 

Termites are just like any other creature on the planet when choosing a home. Everything is centred on food! The primary reason a termite colony may enter your home is to ensure a steady food supply. 

Because of their cellulose-feeding habits, termites are drawn to woodpiles and timber structures. Termites are attracted to old, damp structures. Termites can colonise steel-framed structures if there is a constant supply of accessible wood. 

  • Increased Moisture

Termites enjoy a steady supply of moisture as well as decaying wood. They thrive in damp or rotting wood. Termites are attracted to leaks inside buildings or near home foundations. 

  • Plant Debris Surrounding Your Property 

Many homeowners have woodpiles that unknowingly creates an ideal breeding ground for termites. If you must have a woodpile, keep it as far away from the foundation as possible. 

Plants or dense vegetation should be avoided near foundations or entryways as well. These areas must be kept clear of debris such as leaves and mulch. 

  • Termite Infestations in the Neighborhood 

Keeping your home clean does not always deter termites. This is especially true if your neighbours hold a different opinion. Untreated wood fences, woodpiles, and neglected vegetation may attract a colony that will relocate to your property if their food supply runs out. 

  • The Presence of Softwood 

Termites are becoming more common on your property due to the use of softwood. This can be accomplished by incorporating structures or patio areas. It is critical to treat wood used in construction properly. 

If you plan to dig new foundations or expand existing ones, hire a pest control professional to inspect them for pests. Termite control is also recommended to prevent future infestations. 

Preventing and Taking Control of Termite Infestation 

For the best prevention, property owners should install termite barriers on and around their properties. These safeguards aid in the protection of vulnerable areas. Unfortunately, many property owners are unwilling to pay for these barriers. In the long run, they are well worth the investment. 

When discussing termite barriers with your local pest control company, mention any wooden fences between neighbours. If your house is next to a field, this is a fantastic idea. 

Conducting Annual Termite Inspections

If you don’t have termites right now, that doesn’t mean you won’t have them later. Changes in the environment can boost the value of your property. 

A termite inspection performed annually by a local pest control company will detect any potential colonies. They will also advise how to avoid termites and other insect infestations. 


The good news is that keeping termites out of your home is a simple process. As simple as avoiding factors that encourage them, you reduce risks exponentially! Termite barriers and annual inspections are far less expensive than repairing termite-caused structural damage. Whether residential or commercial property, extra precautions should be taken to avoid them.

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