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Wasp Removal

Their stings are painful, and if a person is allergic, a wasp sting can be fatal. A swarm of wasps buzzing around, making your visitors uncomfortable and terrified, wrecks a fantastic barbeque!

The usual rule is to remain calm because these pests will not attack unless provoked, however this is frequently easier said than done. When bees and wasps swirl about us, it’s difficult not to flail our arms and whack them!

Treatments for wasps are only necessary in an emergency if someone close is allergic. However, having them around might be aggravating, so please contact us to arrange for us to assist you with your wasp problem. It’s also good to know that good housekeeping can typically keep a wasp infestation at bay.

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How We Control Wasps

We use a particular solution to apply directly to the nest, which stops the wasps from moving and removes them at the same time. If the nest is accessible to our staff, we remove it once they are immobile.

What You Can Do To Help

Keep an eye out for wasp activity in general. If you suspect the formation of a hive, be especially cautious. If you notice a hive developing early enough, you can remove it with a high-pressure hose or a broom before it becomes a colony.

However, if the emerging hive appears to be large enough to hold a significant number of wasps, do not attempt to remove it yourself, especially if it is a wasp nest, since this can result in a swarm attack.

Spraying wasps with insecticide will kill them, but not before they become enraged and attack whoever they believe has assaulted them! We do not encourage performing these attacks because they can be extremely deadly to you and your loved ones. If you believe you are physically fit and quick, and that you have enough time to spray and run, you are mistaken.