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Termite Prevention

Termite protection barriers are the only way to protect your home from termites while also lowering the risk of damage.

Did you know that termites attack one out of every four homes every year? A Termite Management System should be installed and maintained around every home from the Sunshine Coast to the Hinterland.

There are two types of termite prevention treatments available:

  • Chemical Barriers
  • Physical Barriers
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Termite baiting is a third approach that has gained popularity in addition to physical preventative barriers and chemical soil barriers. Due to the high termite pressure in Queensland, termite baiting should only be used when a chemical soil barrier is ineffective or as a supplement.

We will only use a baiting system if it is the only choice due to the design of a structure. When a chemical soil barrier is available, we care too much about you, your family, and your house to employ a baiting system. We don’t want to risk your peace of mind, comfort, or the value of your investment, so we won’t take any shortcuts. Simply put, a chemical soil barrier is the greatest solution, thus that is what we focus on to safeguard households from the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland!

What is a Chemical Soil Termite Prevention Barrier?

Termites are prevented by infiltrating the soil around the perimeter of your home’s foundations with a chemical soil termite protection barrier.

Pre- or post-construction chemical soil prevention treatments are available. This is frequently the greatest and most forgiving option when it comes to a home’s building limits. Trenching, drilling, building or refilling reticulation lines, scarifying, or horizontal treatments can all be used to build chemical soil barriers. As a result, the soil that comes into contact with your home is termiticide-impregnated. We come to your home for a free on-site assessment and then present a free proposal for your consideration before scheduling the installation because barrier installation is labor intensive and the manner of installation is dependent on how your home is built.

Chemical soil barriers, on the other hand, are not permanent and must be topped up, refilled, or reinstalled on a regular basis.

How Often Do I Need to Replace My Chemical Termite Barrier?

Chemical soil barrier replenishment frequency is determined by three factors:

  • The amount of termite pressure in the area
  • The house’s construction
  • The soil’s composition

For example, once every five years is a suitable replenishment frequency for a typical residence in Southeast Queensland. Contact our team if you have any questions about the refill rate of your chemical barrier – we’re always pleased to help!

What is a Physical Termite Prevention Barrier?

A physical termite protection barrier is just that: a physical barrier that is built in vulnerable parts of your home’s structure to prevent termites from entering.

A physical termite barrier can only be placed prior to the construction of a home. Installing a termiticide saturated polymer sheet (a plastic sheet) over the concrete slab edge and suspending it across the brick hollow, shielding the concrete slab’s cold joints, or inserting collars (plastic mouldings) over service penetrations are all examples of physical barriers (where plumbing and electrical hookups come into the building).

For both new home construction and home repairs and extensions, our team constructs physical preventive barriers. We only require your building drawings in order to give you a proposal. We need to come out on-site and meet you and your builder to discuss your plan in person for renovations and extensions without formal plans. We’ll work directly with the builder to plan the various stages of installation after everyone is satisfied with the suggested termite management system.

We always advocate contacting us early in the planning process to ensure the efficacy of physical preventative barriers. We frequently receive a call the night before the concrete slab is poured, indicating that we are unable to assist on such short notice or that other critical processes have been overlooked. It’s critical to get in touch with us at least a few weeks before you start creating your foundation.

Termite Barrier Costs

A termite barrier can range in price from $220 to $5000 or more. It all depends on the extent of the project.

What Is the Price of a Chemical Termite Barrier?

A complete Chemical Soil Termite Management System Installation for a typical 4 bedroom home built on a single level concrete slab might take anywhere from 1-2 days and cost between $1200 and $4000.

This sounds like we need 12 inspections a year. Surely it should only be once a year? I suggest changing this to “In Australia, it is usual to require an inspection every 12 months…” or “In Australia, it is usual to require an inspection once a year…”

What Is the Price of a Physical Termite Barrier?

Physical termite barrier work can range from a single penetration in a small renovation to guarding a single cold joint, a house expansion, a new build of a conventional modern home, all the way up to guarding a very sophisticated mansion. If you’re wondering how much a physical termite barrier for your property would cost, give us a call and we’ll gladly assist you!

It is entirely depending on the type of construction and the project’s size. Physical termite protection is commonly utilized since it is less expensive to build and lasts longer than a chemical soil barrier (newly installed barriers are warranted for 50 years by the manufacturer). Chemical soil barriers, on the other hand, are generally thought to perform better, although they are more expensive and must be replaced every 5 years.

Termite Control Methods

We want you to know exactly what to expect while working with our team, whether you’re building a new house, need to replace an old chemical termite barrier, or have observed termites in and around your property.

Consultation on-site is free

We offer a free consultation in which one of our pest technicians comes to your home to assess the best way to install a new barrier or rejuvenate an existing one by measuring the perimeter of your home, reviewing footing depth, and determining the best way to install a new barrier or renew an existing one. We’ll go over all of the alternatives with you and come up with a strategy for completing the task correctly!

Proposal for a Termite Management System

Following our complimentary onsite consultation, you will receive an email with a Termite Management System Proposal that details the scope of work and expenses. Our wonderful customer service representatives will contact you to discuss and answer any queries you may have. We recognize that this is a significant purchase, and we want you to feel completely prepared with all of the information you require!


If you choose our team to assist you with installing or replenishing a termite prevention barrier for your property, we will give you an electronic paperwork to sign to establish a start date. Please note that we require a 20% payment and reserve a time for the installation.

The Replenishment Or Installation Process Has Begun!

Our crew will start working on the agreed-upon start date, and at the completion of the installation, a notice will be posted in your meter box (or replenishment). The work that needs to be done determines what happens on installation or refill day. It can take anywhere from an hour to two days to complete, with the process being spread out over four days. Our experts will notify you of our plans for your property before any installation or replenishment work begins.

  • Your home’s resale
  • If you change pest control companies in the future, the new firm will be able to recognize your Termite Management System.
  • It will notify you when your system needs to be renewed. In the case of a physical barrier, it indicates when you will need to build a chemical soil barrier because the physical barrier cannot be renewed or replenished.

Why Is Termite Prevention Important?

  • Keeping up with inspections and maintaining a current Chemical Soil Termite Management System will help to boost the value of your house by removing any uncertainty about previous termite infestations and damage.
  • Termites attack one in every four homes in Queensland, and termite damage is not covered by your home or contents insurance.
  • When the expenses are broken down annually, the cost of a barrier is frequently less than the cost of home and possessions insurance.
  • Even if your property is built on a tilt slab and your home is framed with metal, you should consider installing a barrier. While these construction approaches restrict the structural damage that termites might cause, they still devour what’s inside! A termite attack on your interior walls, doors, and furnishings is still possible.

How Do You Keep Termites Out Of Your House?

  • Gardening against your house is not a good idea.
  • Planting trees too close to your house is a bad idea.
  • Covering weep holes in your brickwork is not a good idea. If termites gain access to these places, they can tunnel into your home.
  • Untreated wood should not be used to construct retaining walls, garden beds, outdoor furniture, or constructions.
  • Keep an eye on your home to make sure there isn’t any excess wetness.
    Check the following common issue places outside your home:

    • Hot water heaters that are leaking
    • Cooling systems
    • Downpipes that have been damaged
    • Drains clogged
    • Taps and hoses that drip
  • Inside your home, keep an eye out for the following:
    • Bathroom, laundry, and kitchen exhaust fans that are broken.
    • Sealant surrounding bathrooms and showers has deteriorated.
    • Internal plumbing issues
    • Internal walls, ceilings, and skirting boards swell or blister.
  • If you discover active termites on your property, have them treated as soon as possible (or practicable) by a certified pest control technician.
  • It is critical not to disrupt termites between detecting them and having them treated because this will disrupt their behavior pattern. Professional termite treatment ensures that the necessary termiticides are transmitted from termite to termite, returned to the nest, and distributed throughout the colony. Only licensed technicians have access to these goods, which are not available to the general public.

Keep in mind that termite preventive barriers and frequent inspections give the best protection against termite infestations. To summarize, termites are horrible, and you should schedule frequent termite inspections to safeguard your home and belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pest control services are safe for you, your family and your pets. All of our technicians are trained and licensed pest control technicians, who only use the best and safest products that have been approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

During our services, we use only the safest techniques and practices to ensure the safety of your loved ones. To do this, the following precautions are to be observed:

  • If you or a family member is particularly sensitive or suffers from allergic reactions, we recommend that person remains out of the home until the product has dried.
  • Protect or remove any pets from the treatment area until the product has dried.
  • Avoid contact with the treated surfaces until the product has dried.
  • Cover all food items and utensils prior to treatment.

You get what you pay for. Most budget providers work on volume, and so they have to complete their jobs quickly, and usually with a ‘one-product-fits-all’ approach. The end result may not be tailored to your home and situation, leaving you with less effective treatment that won’t last all year.

Here at Benchmark Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on high quality thorough work, and providing an outstanding customer experience. We know how important it is to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in your own home. To ensure this, we spend more time on your property treating more areas, and use a greater number of products to create a more effective and longer lasting treatment.

We’ve designed our own tailorable methods of treatment that give our customers the most effective service possible. In each treatment we use a number of different specialised products that work together to create a compounding effect that provides a high quality and longer lasting treatment. Because we are more detailed, thorough, and use a combination of premium products, we can confidently offer our 12 month pest free guarantee.

Short answer: The products we use are safe for you and your little one.

Long answer: How do we know they are safe? Before a product can be sold as a pesticide in Australia, it first must be approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. If, for example, a product was harmful to pregnant women and still was approved for use as a pesticide and a pest control company chose to use it (we would not); a warning would have to be printed on the label and on the product’s Safety Data Sheet.

Therefore, we know that our products are safe for pregnant women because there are no warnings on the labels or the safety data sheets of any of our products. We are also in constant contact with our chemical supplier, who would advise us immediately if anything were to change.

If you still are not convinced, we won’t be offended if you prefer to leave the premises while we conduct the service at your home. What matters most to us is that you feel comfortable during an exciting time of your life.

Unless you are particularly sensitive or suffer from allergic reactions, there is no need for you to leave your home during our pest treatment. However, if you would like to leave, that is absolutely fine too.

Ideally, you would be home to meet our pest technician and advise of any problem areas or concerns. After that, it’s really a personal choice if you want to stay or leave.

Yes, we do! Any person with a Queensland Seniors Card will receive a 20% discount on all services that exceed our minimum call out fee, with the exception of Termite Prevention; both physical and chemical barriers. We will also recognise Seniors Cards from other Australian States.