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Commercial Termite Prevention

Termites are a serious threat to your business. Termites are a pricey pest that you must avoid, whether you’re a body corporate, a real estate owner or agency, a commercial firm, or a constructor.

We always conduct an onsite consultation and present a free proposal for the services we recommend due to the variety of body corporate buildings and commercial businesses.

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What Is the Importance of Commercial Termite Control? Controlling Termites

It’s not just the building itself that our commercial termite control clients on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland have to be concerned about. You must also consider all of your fixtures and goods.

For example, we are frequently called to perform termite inspections and treatments where owners believed they were safe because their building had a tilt slab construction. However, even if your building’s structure is safe from termite attack, your stored goods can still be ruined by a termite infestation. Termites devour not only wood, but also wood products like paper and cardboard. Termites will eat everything that comes in contact with a product’s packaging or storage materials.

Because of the design and construction of your property, you may be exposed to termite risk as a body corporate committee. Depending on the fittings inside the building and the architecture of the building, even concrete structures might constitute a substantial financial danger. Our comprehensive termite inspections and termite pest control treatments safeguard your investment and provide peace of mind.

Termite Barriers for Builders in the Commercial Sector

We can assist you if you are a builder searching for pre-construction physical termite barriers. Simply contact our staff, or call 0477 55 44 85, and present us with your new construction blueprints – please note that we do not give linear metre pricing.

Plans are great to have when performing a renovation, but we can also come out to your renovation site and present a proposal before the work begins. Above all, it’s preferable to give termite physical barriers plenty of notice!