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Common Pests to Look Out for after the Rainy Season

Each year, the transition from summer to autumn in Australia can bring some challenges. The rain brings about different behaviours in insects and pests throughout the Sunshine Coast region. 

In fact, rain can even affect pest control. Keep reading below to learn about the types of pests you can expect to encounter, along with how the rain affects pest management.


Ants are more active during the summer season, especially when warmer temperatures. They prefer to stay outside in the cool shade. Moreover, they will pick up unsealed food and go after anything that smells good.


Cockroaches like to stay in dark corners, so they do not come out as much when it’s sunny. They are also attracted to anything that smells pleasant and tastes sweet.


Spiders are generally active during summer and will frequently seek shelter in the house during hot days. A cool home is an excellent shelter for spiders to hunt for prey and stay away from the harsh summer sun.


You can commonly find bedbugs in hotels and motels. They are attracted to the moisture on sheets and the warmth from sleeping during summer. Bedbugs can cause skin rashes and infections.


Fleas usually are not as active in hot weather. But in humid climates, fleas become more active and can spread faster.


Mosquitoes are known to be more active in the wet season. As the temperature rises, mosquitos will stay outside to lay their eggs. They can even go after humans.


Bees are especially active during the rainy season. They will frequently go after fruits and plants that bloom.


Yellowjackets are pests that typically bite when they are provoked. Yellowjackets will especially go after blooming fruits and plants during the rainy season. Their food source is abundant.


Termites are prone to chewing on wood during this season. As the temperature rises, they will be more active in searching for food.


Silverfish are commonly found in attics. Though they cannot fly, they will stay in dark areas and eat any food they can find. Silverfish live in wet areas to go after paper and cardboard.


Mice are commonly found in homes. They get into houses to find food. Rodent control is essential in ensuring that mice do not get into the house and cause damage.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are pests that can cause a lot of damage to property. They often go after wood that is exposed to the sun. They will also go after anything that has a smell.


Wasps are attracted to the moisture in a home. They will go after any sugary foods.


If you want to prevent the growth of pests in your home, we highly recommend that you contact a professional pest management company with a skilled and reliable team. They will employ the correct methods to clear your home of pests. Lastly, we would like to remind you that prevention is still the best method of dealing with pests. 

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