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Asked and Answered: 6 Common Questions About Termites

If you’ve ever had termites in your house, you know how destructive they can be. That’s why it’s important to know at least some basic information about them; it’s vital for anyone who has ever had an issue with termites or knows somebody who has. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of every termite-related question we could come up with so that you can find the answers you need.

What Do Termites Eat?

Put simply, anything with cellulose in it. Cellulose is the main building block of most plant-based products, like wood, paper, cloth, cotton, some insulations, and other items—it’s everywhere! Even your home could contain cellophane products. Termites will even eat the paper off plasterboard wall sheets.

Termites are more active in wet wood, so it is worth examining any damp areas of your home, and it’s also worth having a termite inspection company conduct a full inspection of your home.

What Do Termites Look Like?

Termites look very similar to ants, which they are related to, except they are slightly larger and have a white or yellowish-white colour. They are usually winged, although worker termites do not have wings.

Do Termites Bite Humans or Pets?

Usually, this question is from children. Although termites have mandibles, they are specifically designed to eat wood rather than people or pets. If you were to put your hand in a nest of termites, they would probably bite back at you as they do not distinguish between people and wood.

Do Termites Go To Sleep?

Termites are not known for sleeping, but they enter a resting state known as diapause. This type of hibernation allows them to survive without food and water for long periods. Termites cannot be killed by simply freezing them, so this state is critical to the survival of a termite colony.

What Do Termites Leave Behind?

Sometimes, termites are hard to detect. These insects eat items from the inside out so that even if you see signs of termites in your home, it can be hard to tell what is happening. If there are small, round piles of wood in your home, you might have a case of damp wood or dry wood termites. Termite pellets can vary in colour from a light tan to a dark brown, depending on the type of wood that they are eating.

If you find piles of dark pellets on the ground underneath a hardwood tree, it may be termites. There may be mud tubes going into the sides of your house; you might see wet, solid patches of mud coming out of your sidewalls. If you notice that paint is peeling off your door frames or if the plaster is discoloured, it may be termites.

Are Termites Attracted to Light?

Termites are attracted to light, and you may see around South East Queensland, the occasional swarm. Usually, these termite swarms are short-lived, lasting only a few days, and most swarmers will die off. However, some will find mates and start new colonies in logs, stumps, or any other wooden items. Hopefully, they won’t see your home. 

Termites build mud tunnels under the ground, and if you have an infestation, the flying termites are the only ones that will swarm to your lights.


Termites are one of the most destructive insects globally, and if you find them in your home, it’s imperative to call a pest exterminator immediately. These insects are hard to get rid of, and they can quickly destroy your entire home. 

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