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5 Signs of Termites in Your Home and How to Handle Them

The signs begin as a feeling that something isn’t quite right. Perhaps you’ve heard something in the walls at night time. You try to ignore it, but it sounds weird: not enough sound to make you worry, but it has a strange quality that gets your attention after a few nights. 

Next, you might notice some other signs around your home: thin papery wall sections around your home, mud tunnels, or insect wings. Call a professional pest control/termite company if you notice these things.

1. Insect Wings

If you have seen insect wings around your home, you may have a few questions about whether you actually have termites or another type of bug. Termites are not the only flying insects that leave behind discarded wings. However, if you notice many of these wings or see winged insects flying around, it’s wise to call a pest control company to inspect your home. To get a better idea of what type of insects you have in your home, do a Google Image search for termites. Compare what you have in your home with what you find online.

2. Mud Tunnels

You may discover mud tunnels while renovating or other home improvement projects. If you find one, look inside it and see if there are any termites inside. If there are, you may have a big problem. If the tunnel is empty, it might be old or unused, but there could still be other tunnels in your home that you can’t access.

3. Thin or Hollow Wooden Walls

If any of your walls appear thin and crumbled when tapped, this could be evidence of an infestation of termites. If you see physical signs of potential damage, it’s wise to call a professional pest control company. If you feel resistance when leaning on a wall or notice holes or splinters in the wall panelling, this will be a good time to call for inspection and repair.

4. Termite Mud

Termites will build mud tubes to connect their tunnels to their food source: wood in your home. If you find tunnels showing evidence of mud, this could signify an infestation in your walls. If you find tunnels with loose, crumbly mud, it is likely that the termites are not active. Call a professional pest control company to conduct a termite inspection to determine if they still pose a risk.

5. Burrowed Stumps

If you see the stumps of trees or other hardwood, check them out to see if termites have been eating the wood. If they have, there will be tiny holes bored into the wood. If you find such signs of infestation, you should get a termite inspection as soon as possible.


Some of the signs you might see in your home are clear indications that you have a serious problem. Others are less clear, but they still indicate that your home may have a termite infestation. Call us to arrange a termite inspection if you notice any of these signs in your home.

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